Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome y'all

This blog is first dedicated to the almighty for leading and guiding us as we serve others. It is dedicated to Rotary international and especially to Rotary Nairobi North for giving us a platform to give back to society. It is dedicated to all past members of the club for spearheading and making what it is today, the universities most active club. Special dedication to the immediate and current board, for their dedication to create an identity that is adored by many around the eight campuses. I dedicate it to our KNH signature project and to the lovely kids who have kept us focused on the quest to give service to others above ourselves.
I dedicate the page to all Rotaract clubs, they have guided us to be what we are today and for being there for all our activities.
I dedicate the blog to the current members,the many who have been active in our club activities. I would have loved to mention their names but as we all know, the page would be insufficient.
I welcome all of you to these blog............keep it locked for more.